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How to Recognize a Tooth Abscess

You may not realize it when you have a tooth abscess if you have never experienced one before. It is a very painful experience which can be dangerous and you should go see your dentist immediately if you believe that it is happening to you.

There are two main different types of tooth abscess and they manifest themselves in different ways. The infected teeth might be the chronic type or the acute type.

In chronic tooth aches the abscess starts off with a little bit of throbbing around the tooth. Sometimes there is a bubble in the gum tissue which allows the abscess to drain. If the abscess keeps draining, this type of pain could last a long time before escalating to something else. This type can be dangerous because the abscess may lead to bone damage. When the drain is blocked the pain may intensify and there may be swelling. The infection may also spread.

In acute tooth aches the patient will feel pain immediately and seemingly with no cause. The gums may swell up and everything around may feel painful and tender. The pain is very intense and it can be difficult to just have your lip over your teeth during this difficult time.

Other symptoms can include pain while chewing, random pain, when biting into something and a painful sensation from hot or cold foods seems to linger, a constant bad smell or taste in the mouth and persistent throbbing pain.

When an infection spreads from an abscessed tooth, the results may be life-threatening. If the swelling gets out of control, the patient may not be able to breathe or swallow at all. If your eyes are closing due to swelling from a tooth abscess, you should go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY.

A dentist can help you get a tooth abscess under control before it becomes a critical situation. They can also help you deal with pain and to prevent any situations which might be avoidable. A tooth abscess is extremely painful and it is important to know the signs so that you know what to do to address it immediately when you spot a possible symptom. 

If you need emergency dental care for an abscessed tooth, contact us now.

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