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What Should I Pick: A Manual or an Electric Toothbrush?

When it comes to toothbrushes, there are now a lot of choices. There are manual toothbrushes, expensive toothbrushes, cheap toothbrushes, disposable toothbrushes, rechargeable toothbrushes, theme toothbrushes – with that much choice, how can you ever be sure where to start? Take a deep breath and step back. Finding the right toothbrush for you is extremely important and, although it can take a little bit of time, the results are usually worthwhile.

What should you consider before you buy your next toothbrush?

  1. Budget
  2. Where you are using it
  3. Type of bristles

The first one is your budget. Most manual toothbrushes are very affordable and you can find them anywhere you go. Electric toothbrushes are usually a lot pricier and can be cost prohibitive if  you are on a tight budget.

Do you travel a lot? Electric toothbrushes can be kind of clunky and are not ideal if you are someone who needs to be on the road all the time.

Electric toothbrushes always have soft bristles. Manual toothbrushes can have soft bristles and hard bristles. Soft bristles are the type that are normally recommended. An electric toothbrush with hard bristles could really damage your teeth. Electric toothbrushes frequently come with several types of motions that can contribute to the brushing technique. It is important that you never brush too hard when you are cleaning your teeth, more so when you are brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush.  If you choose an electric toothbrush it is important to make sure you do not brush too hard or you may cause some serious damage to your teeth and your gum line.

There is no definitive proof that one type of toothbrush is better than the other. Many dentist recommend electric toothbrushes because they can be helpful for people who don’t have good brushing technique. Having a proper technique when it comes to brushing helps a lot and can make all the difference when it comes to how clean and healthy your teeth are. If you want to switch but are not entirely sure about it, you may want to talk to your dentist. They will help you with find the right choice for you and for your teeth. 

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