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What You Need to Know About Flossing

No matter how well you brush your teeth or how long you spend brushing, if you never floss as part of the routine, you have not adequately performed your oral health regimen.

How Often Should You Floss?

The American Dental Association strongly recommends flossing teeth because brushing on its own does not thoroughly clean out your mouth. There are some spots in your mouth that brushing can not get to; and only flossing will manage to clean them out.

Regular flossing can help you minimize the risk of bad breath, along with periodontal diseases, so you should floss at least once a day (especially after meals).
However, take care not to floss too hard. Since flossing comes in direct contact with gums, doing it too hard and too fast can actually cause gum damage and bleeding.

What Type Of Floss is Best?

In general, there are two types of floss available on the market:

  1. waxed
  2. unwaxed

Sometimes, you can get them flavored making flossing a more enjoyable experience, especially for young children.

Waxed floss are better for gliding into the tight nooks between your teeth, but some people are allergic to wax; so unwaxed would be a better choice in this case.

There are many varieties when it comes to choosing floss, so make the optimal choice based on your preferences. The most important thing is that you are able to use floss easily and effectively without pain.

If you have no idea about which floss would be right for you, call our dentist office in Roseville for a recommendation. We are happy to provide samples of our recommended floss so you can try it and see if you are comfortable using it.

What if the Floss Slips Out of my Fingers?

In some cases, you may find it difficult to hold floss, especially if you are using the waxed type because it is a little slippery. If you have difficulty holding or using floss, you can buy a floss holder. Using a floss holder can help you floss quicker, and more thoroughly.

All About Flossing Properly

If you are experiencing pain or have difficulty flossing, watch this video to learn how to floss properly.

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