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Do you have chipped or stained teeth? Are you looking to fill in some gaps from extracted or missing teeth to improve the overall appearance of your smile? Cosmetic dentistry may be able to help

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Are you tired of hiding your crooked teeth at social events? Then a Roseville cosmetic dentist can completely transform your appearance with a mix of dental treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is the side of dentistry that focuses on the external appearance of your teeth, from enamel coloration to tooth shape.

Since 2005 Arbor View Dental Care has offered a wide range of procedures, from simple in-office tooth whitening treatments to more intensive cosmetic dental procedures aimed at improving your smile. Our commitment is to bring a beautiful and healthy smile to the face of every individual who trusts us with their dental care.

While all Roseville cosmetic dentists focus on providing things like porcelain crowns, dental bridges, and porcelain veneers to help your teeth look better than ever, only a few have the long track record of outstanding results that Arbor View Dental Group has.

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Here at Arbor View Dental Group, we specialize in providing all the latest cosmetic dental treatments including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, gap closures, metal free crowns, bridges and tooth-colored bonding.

In our 13 years of working experience, we have helped thousands of patients bring back a smile to their face. Our skill at offering innovative and personalized care has also earned us a five-star reputation as a top cosmetic dentist in Roseville, CA.

“I have been going to Arbor View Dental now for 8 years. They have always taken care of any issue I may have had with my teeth. Would recommend Dr. Chen and Arbor View Dental to anyone.”

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Reach Out to Us To Fix Your Dental Woes:

  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Minor structural damage (small cracks and chips)
  • Dental discoloration
  • Gaps in Teeth
  • Gummy smile ( uneven gum line)

If you have other oral issues, you can still meet us for a cosmetic treatment consultation. We will combine restorative and cosmetic procedures to achieve your desired results.

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What Dental Procedures Can Your Roseville Cosmetic Dentist Do for You?

After considering your dental and medical history, our cosmetic dentists will create a treatment plan to help give you the best smile of your life.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the most common form of cosmetic dentistry, as they are easy to place and can be used to fix a wide range of dental issues, from stained and spotted enamel surfaces to chipped or oddly shaped teeth. Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that is shaped to mimic and replace the surface enamel of your teeth, and are usually color matched to look exactly like your tooth enamel.

Veneers are a viable option for people who have had more severe discoloration to a majority of their teeth, especially stains that are past the point of being corrected by whitening treatments, or for people who have many chipped or uneven teeth.

To learn more about our tooth veneer treatment procedure and tooth bonding, click here.

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Same Day Crowns:

Your Roseville cosmetic dentist can install tooth crowns to help repair damaged or uneven dental surfaces.

Crowns are full coverage restorations that are used to cover a tooth that is likely to break, or is too broken down to be restored with a filling. They are most commonly done after root canal treatment, or when a large filling wears out. The larger the hole made by a cavity that has to be treated, the more likely you will need a crown. Even after we place a filling, if we are putting it in a large cavity, a tooth is more likely to break.

Keep in mind that the jaw muscles are the strongest in the human body. Teeth are subjected to tremendous pressures. Crowns ride over the weakened tooth, providing strength and protecting the tooth against breakage. A broken or cracked tooth is a far more serious matter and much more difficult to treat. Crowns prevent this, as well as making for a nice smile.

We now offer same day crowns! You can get your permanent crown in one day so no temporary crown is necessary and the procedure is completed in one appointment. During your appointment any decay is removed from the tooth and it is shaped to accept the crown. Then an impression is made of the tooth for use in fabricating a crown. The crown is made in our office while you wait.


Our crowns are constructed of high-strength ceramic material. Once the crown is created we adjust the permanent crown as needed and cement it in place.

Unlike metallic crowns of the past, we make your ceramic tooth crowns to match the natural enamel of your teeth so they beautify your smile.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are perfect for filling in the spaces left behind by missing or extracted teeth, and can be used to give you a more natural-looking smile. Bridges are formed to look like the missing tooth, and take its place in the mouth. The sides of a bridge use the two surrounding teeth for support, hence the name.

A bridge replaces the missing tooth, both functionally and cosmetically. Bridge work is as much an art as it is an exact science. The materials used may be gold alloys, porcelain bonded to metal alloy, or all ceramic material. The choice of material depends on requirements for strength, wear, and/or aesthetics.

It is important that you replace a missing tooth as soon as possible for several reasons. If not treated the teeth surrounding the gap begin to shift inward, creating a whole chain reaction of bad things.

Teeth use their neighbors for support, and, with one missing, they start to “fall.”As this worsens the bite changes in response to the pressure. This can eventually result in problems with the entire jaw, e.g. TMJ. The surrounding teeth deteriorate and it is just a matter of time before they, too, are lost. Gum disease becomes a serious problem, with the difficulty of treatment increasing as the neglect continues.

Tooth Colored Fillings

A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. Composites are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth. Composite fillings are preferred for adult teeth.

The primary use for cosmetic dentistry is to deal with the outward appearance of your teeth. Being able to put your best smile forwards can have a positive impact on your self-image.

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