Tooth Whitening

The Arbor View Dental Group team offers custom whitening trays for fast, dramatic results.

“I’m very happy with Dr. Chen and his staff! They are courteous and professional. I’ve seen Dr. Chen a few times for exams, cleaning, filling, root canal, cosmetics, etc. He would explained the dental procedures and expected results in a clear manner. To be honest, I don’t remember too much details from those dental procedures. That’s because they went very smoothly. Great results and positive experiences overall. Highly recommended!”
Great Results

Tooth Whitening

This is the procedure of making teeth whiter, and therefore more attractive. Our office offers custom whitening trays that can be used in the comfort of your home.

Tray Tooth Whitening Method

The tray tooth whitening method involves having impressions taken from which laboratory fabricated custom vinyl trays are made. A carbamide peroxide gel is placed in these trays and the trays with gel are worn for about 3 hours, or overnight.

The entire process takes 3-4 weeks of daily use. Three different strengths of gel may be used, however the higher the strength the greater the likelihood of reactions or tooth sensitivity.

The tray method is recommended for badly stained teeth, such as tetracycline staining, and it may take several months of use to see significant color improvement. For maintenance of whitened teeth, the trays should be used every several months.

Why Don’t You Offer Zoom! Whitening?

The end results whether using trays at home or doing Zoom! whitening is the same. The cost of the tray method is about half compared to Zoom!, and there is usually less post-treatment sensitivity.

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